The Italian TPM of WOI project is over.

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Erasmus+ Sport Project: Project co-founded by the European Commission.

Waves of Inclusion (WOI) – improving social competences, values and fundamental rights

The Italian TPM of WOI project is over.

A three-day event that included so many activities for us and our project partners:

– meeting with sports and social associations of the local territory that deal with disabilities, autism and sports (a special focus into cyclism and basketball);

– visiting the city of Bari and knowing its cultural aspects.

It has been a great opportunity to better know and share the best practices carried out within these associations ( Scuola di Ciclismo “Gaetano Cavallaro” – Bisceglie, HBARI2003 e VOLARE PIù IN ALTO , Il Mito di Efesto APS , Operamica, Apulian National Health Service – Child and Adolescent Neuropsychatry Section) in order to improve the services dedicated to autistic young people.

The contents faced during this three-day activities will be useful for the creation of WOI guide containing a summary of each collected best practice.

Project partners:

Autismo Sevilla / Spain

APPDA-Algarve / Portugal

Svenska Youth League / Sweden