Erasmus Sport: HERSPORT

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#hersport Erasmus+ project consortium has successfully conducted an Alignment Workshop in each partner country. The participants were young female and male athletes which were involved in a hand-on workshop.

The HER SPORT Alignment Workshops were conducted in collaboration with various football teams and organizations to promote gender equality, rights, and greater knowledge in the context of female participation in sports, specifically in football. This report highlights the key activities and outcomes of these workshops.

Workshop 1 – MSV Basket

Participants: The first workshop was organized in collaboration with PINK Football Team and LEVANTE Azzurro Football Team. There were a total of 26 participants, including 14 female footballers, 10 male footballers, and 2 MSV staff members.

Workshop 2 – RESET and Apollon Ladies F.C.

Participants: The second workshop took place in the VIP room of Alfamega Football Stadium, organized in partnership with RESET and Apollon Ladies F.C. There were a total of 12 participants, consisting of 10 female footballers and 2 staff members from Apollon Ladies F.C. and RESET.