HEPA sport working group: Collaborative Conference meeting Promoting Physical Activity Health Sport Club

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Yesterday was an important day for us, for having participated in the HEPA Working Sport Group meeting, in the presence of sector experts, university professors and international organizations that operate in sport according to the #hepaeurope operational lines.

Representing my country #ITALY as the only “HEPA European Member Network” certified sports organization makes us proud and responsible for the work we do, sharing methodologies and Best Practices with international experts and university professors. he program is very ambitious, with the possibility of participating in a European E+ Sport project, bringing together important European Universities and last but not least, the creation of a study with publication in a scientific journal.

One of the main objectives will be to raise awareness among policy-makers on national decisions and policies to improve physical activity and health promotion, results which will subsequently be presented in Dublin in August 2024 during the Annual HEPA Congress.

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