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A new project has started!!!Archori is an Erasmus project with partners from Türkiye, Italy and Poland that aims to encourage people 65+ and young people to engage in joint, intergenerational physical activity by engaging them in traditional archery combined with orienteering games.

Last week we had our first TPM in Bari at Palacarrassi. We have discussed the project activities and planned the next steps.

In particular way we talked about:

1. Management and quality plan

2. Dissemination strategy. Among other things we’ll create a handbook in Turkish and English in digital version.

3. The next TPMs in Italy (8-12 May 2024), in Poland (29 June), In Turkey (3-7 April 2025)

We can’t wait for the activities to begin because this project is really innovative and inclusive!


Kawalkada Horseback Archery