FYSSP- Find Your Sport Super Power

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We are presenting the third project of ten granted this year funded from European Union because we are very proud to be partner in the Sport Super Power project consortium. These are the involved organizations:

1)i-Sport (Poland)

2) Aps Asd Margherita Sport e Vita (Italy)

3) Sportsko Dijagnostički Centar Šabac – Sport diagnostic center Sabac (Serbia)

4)CUS Padova (Italy)


6)SportsConcept Power Projects (Portugal)

This international collaboration , is not just about partnerships; it’s a visionary initiative. As a groundbreaking pilot project, Sport Super Power explores individual potential based on natural predispositions and the current psycho-physical state of young people through innovative ICT solutions;

Modern tools will be accessible to all, contributing significantly to improving the quality of life at every stage.

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