The official meeting of Sport Super Power project partners – Serbia 03.2024

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The official meeting of Sport Super Power project partners was a milestone moment for the development of the entire initiative! After weeks of collaborative efforts online, the opportunity to meet in person and have face-to-face conversations was extremely encouraging.

Establishing a clear development plan and division of tasks during the meeting was our top priority. It allowed us as a team to even better synchronize our activities, set priorities and share the work. In addition, the sharing of our partners’ experiences was tremendously developing.

The main topic of discussion and analysis was the entire project methodology, which consists of the following areas: analysis of motor skills characteristics, analysis of 12 exercises constituting part of the measurement of motor skills characteristics, analysis of Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines in terms of the selection of the quantity and groups of disciplines, analysis of disciplines in terms of motor skills characteristics, analysis of additional body parameters such as weight, height, body structure, length of arms and legs. The final component included in the methodological analysis was the analysis of a psychological survey.

All the above elements constitute the methodology of the Sport Super Power project. Each of the current Partners is responsible for the analysis and verification of specific areas as follows: SDCS is responsible for the methodology related to sports, PESG is responsible for the analysis of additional parameters, and CUS Padova is responsible at this stage for the direction of psychological analysis. Each partner presented their previous work results in the above areas, and during the meeting, we collectively analyzed the adopted directions.

What’s more one of the session was dedicated to summarizing the work accomplished during the initial months of the project, with a significant focus on the overall idea and objectives of the project, which are crucial for developing the project’s sports methodology. This part of the session also served to provide detailed presentations on which Partner is responsible for which area and how the various tasks are interconnected to ensure the project’s workflow. We can’t wait to share the results of our work and the videos we were able to record. They will give a better sense of the project and a better understanding of everyone involved in its creation.

We are confident that what we achieved at the last meeting is just the right direction for the project. Together, with our rich experience and determination, we are ready to achieve great things in the Sport Super Power project!

CUS Padova
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SportsConcept Power Projects
Sportsko Dijagnostički Centar Šabac – Sport diagnostic center Sabac