Erasmus+ Sport: HEAL

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A big and very important project, co-funded by European Union, is starting: Heal. It’s a project that deals with   – the training of coaches for greater awareness of the reduction of youth obesity  – the strengthening of the principles of #healthylifestyle
– a holistic approach in the HEPA sector and lifestyle improvements among young athletes.
In these days we are in Barcelona to define the project’s goals and to set up the next steps. In particular we discussed  about: 1. the cohesion of the partners, important to reach the results. 2. the timetable, necessary to make the partners aware of milestones, deliverables and tasks 3. previous experiences to share 4. the evaluation, monitoring and communication plan and the content of the web page 5. the entire management of the project 6. the date and goals of the Interim evaluation in Padua in October 2024.

There’s a lot to do but for sure it will be very amazing working with these partners coordinated by the Gasol Foundation
And Barcelona, is a very beautiful city perfect for having the first meeting😉

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