Erasmus + Sport: Sport Super Power

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Erasmus + Sport: Sport Super Power

At Sport Super Power, we would like to discover the sporting potential of each person. it is important because it allows you to discover the best sport for you and your abilities and to identify the individual aptitude of everyone. 

 Let’s start discovering the first 3 motor skills: strength, flexibility, endurance

STRENGTH: it’s about empowering your muscles to tackle life’s challenges head-on.

FLEXIBILITY: the ability of our body to perform high-amplitude movements.đź’Ş It is about moving freely and without pain-free movement on a daily basis.

ENDURANCE: the ability of our body to exert effort for an extended period of time without feeling severe fatigue. It’s about, to be able to actively and energetically function throughout the day.

We can’t wait to learn about your other physical abilities!

Sport Super Power is a  project co-founded by the European Union