Erasmus+ Sport: IMPACT

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We are in #Skopje for the TPM of #IMPACT project, that aims to promote education in and through sport, more specifically supporting skills development in sport and promoting the quality of coaching and staff at EU sports club level by elaborating, piloting, evaluating, and disseminating an Innovative Model for Parents, Athletes and Coaches in Tennis (IMPACT) to build on mental health (MH) awareness and understanding in grassroots clubs, parents, coaches, and tennis athletes 12-24 years aged living in EU cities(3) and 2 EU remote (backwards) communities.

We did a really great job in these months and now we are ready for the final steps of the project:

➡️Training for piloting its almost ready for to he launched, we just need to prepare the material on how to create the account in the platform.and optmize the Scenario for Gamification structure.

➡️Translate materials for piloting in every partners’ national language.

➡️ next TPM will be in Germany in first September.

➡️The next and last meeting in Italy will be in Bari in middle December.

We can not wait!

Thanks a lot to all partners for the great work so far. Impact is an innovative project which will make excellent contributions to well-being of young athletes!

It’s co-funded by European Union