Erasmus+ Sport: Sport Super Power

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At Sport Super Power, we would like to discover the sporting potential of each person. It is important because it allows you to discover the best sport for you and your abilities and to identify the individual aptitude of everyone

Let’s discove the last 4 motor skills: balance, agility, speed, jumping.

▶️BALANCE: the ability to maintain stability of the body, regardless of the position in which we find ourselves. It is not about becoming a master of yoga or acrobatics, but to confidently and stably move in various situations of daily of everyday life

▶️ SPEED: the ability to perform a movement or series of movements in the shortest possible time. It is not about becoming an Olympic sprinter or Olympic athlete, but to be able to react in situations, when time is of the essence, to be able to react instantly and efficiently

▶️ AGILITY: is the ability to quickly and efficiently change direction of movement and to seamlessly combine different movements. It is not about becoming an acrobat, but to efficiently and effectively move in different situations

▶️ JUMPING: The ability to make high and long jumps, as well as to take off quickly from a standstill. It is not about setting records in high jumping, but about developing this ability, which is important in many sports and in everyday life

Sport Super power is co-funded by European Union