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C4BIPS is a Small Collaborative Partnership project focused on the area of “protecting athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions”. The main goal of C4BIPS project is to create a Massive Open Online Course for Basketball Injury Prevention Strategies (BIPS). In particular, C4BIPS will identify and collect BIPS. It will also create multimedia material to present these strategies to support athletes and coaches as well as to guide them how to integrate these strategies in their everyday training processes. The presentation of the multimedia material will be available through a web based online platform. C4BIPS, in order to support and scaffold athletes’ and coaches’ knowledge and understanding about Basketball Injury Prevention Strategies application, will create a community-based architecture that introduces an educational programme accessed through a European Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) embracing a de-centralized model of diversity, open access, equity and quality. The MOOC will become a collaborative community of practice aiming to contribute to the perceived difficulty of creating and testing Basketball Injury Prevention Strategies. C4BIPS innovates by introducing multimedia based training content created by an interdisciplinary team of experts and applying in the Sports field for developing personal knowledge and understanding related with BIPS.


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