Sport Diplomacy


Sport Diplomacy

Sport and Dialogue against Violence and Discrimination

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Main Objective : 

Our project aims to tackle the problem of violence, discrimination, bullying in and around sporting events, among athletes, sport teams and their supporters. We aim to counter violent behaviour through open dialogue, inclusion, tolerance and fair play in sport. ” Sport & Diplomacy” concept, but we are still open to proposals for the final title of the project! The concept of “diplomacy” must be understood as alternatives for dialogue or other types of actions in order to tackle violence at youth level related to sport activities (especially at amateur level).

The need of finding solutions meant to reduce violence in society is a permanent concern in the last century. Also, the role of sport in fashioning the characters of future citizens is more and more understood as a mixture of physical benefits, alternative education and social skills development. We understand the importance of the role of sport in the development process of youth with a focus on improving their social and educational skills related to team-work and a fair-play attitude not only on the sport arena. Our project aims to tackle the problem of violence and discrimination in and around sporting events, among athletes and their supporters. We aim to contribute to the use of sports as a diplomatic tool, one that unites nations and people, regardless of their background, ethnicity or gender. Promoting equal rights and gender balance in sports represents an important trigger to attract a broader public and determine it to engage in physical activities.

Secondary Objectives :

1) Encourage the use of grass root sports in fostering social inclusion, gender equality, tolerance, international cooperation and equal opportunities for youth.

2) Promote sport events and actions as an international tool to support fair play, inclusion, equality and the use of open dialogue to counter violence, racism and extremism in and around sport events, among competitors or supporters, through sport activities and dialogue between stakeholders.



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