Dopo due anni Meeting Face 2 Face: AFL Project Dual Career

Primo TPM post Covid organizzato a Budapest( Ungheria) relativo al 2° meeting internazionale sul progetto Athletes Go Futher in Life per analizzare i dati statistici relativi ai questionari di 150 atleti italiani e la preparazione al MSE da realizzare a fine Agosto 2020.

YODA Mentors – Scientist research

“May the Mentor be with You! An innovative approach to the Dual Career mentoring capacitation”. Published the scientist research of YODA project.

Let’s start working on RePlay 2.0 project

MSV, as project coordinator of Reinforce Peer Education Programme Leadership, Action, Youth: Promoting Grassroots Sport through e-Learning Educational Training Success And Social Inclusion with Academic Preparation (RePlay), started the new adventure with its European partners.

YODA Mentors in its final round

The big collaborative project – Young Ordinary and Disabled sports Athletes (YODA) Mentors – in which MSV is project coordinator, is working on the upcoming steps before closure