Erasmus + Sport: Cultural Sports Day

In these months we achieved some important goals of Cultural Sports Day, a project aimed at increasing the level of physical activities of children through

Erasmus+ Sport: Forthe

We are in Krakow for the TPM of FORTHE, a project that encourages the social inclusion of youth with disabilities through urban sports and through

Erasmus+ Sport: Sport Super Power

The official meeting of Sport Super Power project partners was a milestone moment for the development of the entire initiative! After weeks of collaborative efforts

Erasmus+ Sport project: #TRADITGAM

#Brussels, #Berlin, #Zurich, #Belgrade, #Vienna and today Riga. 6 weeks spent between airports and meetings 6 vibrants but very heavy weeks from a physical-mental point

A 2024 full of Erasmus Projects!

We are ready for this amazing 2024! We are involved in a lot of new projects in according to European Values and guidelines and some


A new project has started!!!Archori is an Erasmus project with partners from Türkiye, Italy and Poland that aims to encourage people 65+ and young people

Erasmus Sport: HERSPORT

#hersport Erasmus+ project consortium has successfully conducted an Alignment Workshop in each partner country. The participants were young female and male athletes which were involved