Out the best practices of Hiking for Health and Longevity (HHL) project

Issued the best practices collected for this Erasmus+ Sport project about senior (+65) sports activities.

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We are pleased to annouce the pubblication of HHL best practices.

All the partners were called to share best practices related to sports activities among seniors aged 65 and up.

Here the Italian best practices inserted in the final document:

– “Progetto Anziani”, for which the activities were divided into 3 phases (motor evaluation, walking groups, sports events related). This best practice is proposed by UISP (Barletta), here further infromation about the project: http://www.uisp.it/bat/pagina/progetto-anziani.

– “Walking Day”, that is a non-competitive walk with a 5/10 km long walking pace open to people of all ages that. This best practice is located and experienced in Milan, thanks to the collaboration of Milan Municipality.

– “Progetto FitWalking”, this is a way of walking with certain technical measures that allow people to proceed more effectively, even faster, in such a way as to be able to produce metabolic effects and improve physical efficiency. This technique is used is Assistance Healthcare.

– “Un Mese per il Benessere”, this is about nordic walking which is considered a discipline with considerable potential for rehabilitation. This sports discipline is proposed by CUS Roma Tor Vergata.

We are very proud to be in this project, actually MSV is deeply commited in the promotion of an healthy active lifestyle, that is one of the reason why this year it has been recognized as HEPA member.

This project is co-founded by European Union, within Erasmus+ Sports project, action Small Collaborative Partnership.