Erasmus Sport: HERSPORT

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Realized the first #HERSport Aligned Workshop in #cyprus from RESET-Research and Education in Social Empowerment and Transformation with important partecipation of Apollon Ladies F.C to sensitize football athletes to greater awareness between sport and gender matches.

#hersport using the power of #football to promote experiential learning in early education and #tacklegender and #socialinequalities head-on and proud.

Engaging kids in sports, not only promotes physical health but also fosters important values such as teamwork, respect, and fairness. By integrating these principles into early education, we’re creating a positive and inclusive environment where children can learn, grow, and challenge societal norms.

#hersport an exciting project that encompasses various activities and initiatives co-funded by the European Union.

Together will Apollon Ladies F.C and Aps Asd Margherita Sport e Vita, we’ll be co-creating the #HERSPORT Training Package, designed specifically for PE Teachers and School Leaders.

Next appointment will be in #Italy hosted by Aps Asd Margherita Sport e Vita in November at the presence of several Sport Stakeholders of Football