#Erasmus+ Sport 2023 results!

MSV all so enthusiastic and exciting to announce our "new 10 sports projects" co-funded by the European Union

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The time is over, in these hours emails are arriving at all the participants/Coordinators, official communication with the related results of the March/2023 call. On time ever, thanking European agency #EACEA for all the efforts they are making to get the modus operandi back to normal, after the #Covid19. This is a special year, because I’m proud to have invited #Ukraine International Sport Committee for the first time within of Erasmus+ Sport in one of project funded and several newcomers with high skill and strong expertises.

On behalf of my organization Aps Asd Margherita Sport e Vita , we are all so enthusiastic and exciting to announce our “new 10 sports projects” co-funded by the European Union and evaluated by all EACEA staff, for the next 2/3 years on topics such as #HEPA #Dualcareer #HLS4A #Disability etc.

After 10 long years, I’m very proud to say, as that fabulous dream, it’s never stopped and I don’t want to wake up at all from this moment, I hope it can continue like this for a long time.

Finally, a last thanking at all those partners who have continued to trust me and my entire MSV team for over 10 long years.
Those who are happy, those who are unhappy, those who do not lose their self-esteem and are ready to take on a new challenge, this is the world of Erasmus+ Sport, we are a family, I love my job!