Erasmus+ Sport: GAPWOMEN

To mark International Women’s Rights Day, Margherita Sport e Vita organized two events focusing on resilience and women’s participation in soccer. These events are part

Erasmus+ Sport: Outspo

Today we are in Bari, at Palacarrassi, for the final Transnational meeting of OUTSPO “Outdoor Sports in Nature for Skills Development”, a project with a

Erasmus + Sport: Cultural Sports Day

In these months we achieved some important goals of Cultural Sports Day, a project aimed at increasing the level of physical activities of children through

Erasmus + Sport: Sport Super Power

Erasmus + Sport: Sport Super Power At Sport Super Power, we would like to discover the sporting potential of each person. it is important because it

Erasmus+ Sport: Forthe

We are in Krakow for the TPM of FORTHE, a project that encourages the social inclusion of youth with disabilities through urban sports and through

Erasmus+ Sport: GREW

We are in Kielce, Poland, for the final meeting of GREW, a project that deal with the development of methdologies within the social #inclusion in

A 2024 full of Erasmus Project

2024 is truly a year of many, beautiful and innovative projects that will allow us to work with qualified partners in order to promote sporting

Erasmus+ Sport: Sport super power

Strenght, felxibility, endurance, balance, speed, agility, jump. Each of us has 1 or more of these motor skills. We just have to find out which

Erasmus+ Sport: HEAL

A big and very important project, co-funded by European Union, is starting: Heal. It’s a project that deals with   – the training of coaches