Gender Equality

Erasmus+ Sport: GAPWOMEN

To mark International Women’s Rights Day, Margherita Sport e Vita organized two events focusing on resilience and women’s participation in soccer. These events are part

Erasmus+ Sport: Hersport

We are in Cyprus for the HERSPORT TPM, a project that aims to combat gender discrimination by using football as a means of sport-based experiential

Erasmus+ SPort: GapWomen

What event! We are thrilled to show pictures after the last Sport events organized in collaboration with the experts Pink Bari Calcio Femminile Asd and

Erasmus+ SPort: Gapwomen

37.5% of women in the GAP Women survey responded that they feel like they need to or work more than men to earn their place

Erasmus+ Sport: #GapWomen

Here we are during the training event organized in collaboration with Pink Bari Calcio Femminile Asd about gender gap and promotion of gender equality in

Erasmus+ KA2 : HER Sport

Completed our new task within @HER SPORT , we have the pleasure for share our Press release with all the new results reached in that