Erasmus+ Sport: Traditgam

A new interesting project is starting! It’s #Traditgam, a project that aims to promote interculturality, traditional values and transgenerational mobility through traditional games. Partner of

Erasmus+ Sport: Sport Super Power

The official meeting of Sport Super Power project partners was a milestone moment for the development of the entire initiative! After weeks of collaborative efforts

Erasmus+ Sport project: #TRADITGAM

#Brussels, #Berlin, #Zurich, #Belgrade, #Vienna and today Riga. 6 weeks spent between airports and meetings 6 vibrants but very heavy weeks from a physical-mental point

Erasmus+ SPort: Gapwomen

37.5% of women in the GAP Women survey responded that they feel like they need to or work more than men to earn their place

Erasmus+ Sport: HERSPORT

The project is going on and last week with MSV in collaboration with Pink Bari Calcio Femminile Asd, the first round of Training – Virtual

Erasmus+ Sport: #GapWomen

Here we are during the training event organized in collaboration with Pink Bari Calcio Femminile Asd about gender gap and promotion of gender equality in

Welcome to HALT4Kids- Newsletter

Here we are! Here are the latest news from HALT4kids, a project co-Founded by European Union! HALT4Kids project is focused in develop awareness about harassment

Erasmus+ sport: GAPWOMEN

Resilienza nello sport! We will talk about this, with Dr. #DoraBiancaSicilia, on Wednesday 28 February at 6.30 pm at the Levante Center in an important event