Let’s know the partner of #HFTeam, a project that deals with increasing the level of physical activity of employees with disabilities. Coordinator is Zavod Trend-Prima,

Erasmus+ Sport: ACON

Yesterday we had an online meeting with all partners to discuss about the project, its activities and goals The project is progressing well. After an


We had a Virtual mentoring session of HERSPORT, the “last act” in our project that aims to reduce gender and social inequalities using football as

Erasmus KA2: FORTHE

Here we are! Yesterday we were in Bari, at #Palacarrassi, for the first National Weelchair Basketball Tournament between Boys Taranto, Crazy Ghost Pontecagnano and Lupiae

HALT4Kids: The second Newsletter!

HALT4Kids project boasts innovative methods of sensitizing its young audience in terms of designing and creating digital tools and education material, which are relevant and

Erasmus+ Sport: HALT4Kids

Here it is the interesting video realized by Unió de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya during their meeting in Barcellona on sexual violence prevention and extreme

Erasmus+ KA2 project: Forthe

Here we are!! We are very proud to announce the first National Weelchair Basketball Tournament that will be held in Bari at PalaCarrassi on 23th

Erasmus+ Sport: Halt4Kids

This week we had an amazing TPM in Salzburg with all partners involved in HALT4Kids, a project which aims to develop awareness about harassment and abuse

Erasmus + Sport: TRADITGAM

Who are partners of Traditgam, a project that aims hat aims to promote interculturality, traditional values and transgenerational mobility through traditional games? Coordinator is Kelava