#Outdoor Sports in Nature for Skills Development (OUTSPO) is a “Partnerships for collaboration ” project that aims to encourage participation in sport and physical activity

Erasmus + Sport: HERSPORT

This interesting project  that aims to reduce gender and social inequalities using football as the means of sports-based experiential learning in early education, is going

Erasmus+ Sport project : #GAPWOMEN

Departure for the new Transnational Partner Meeting n.2 with destination Berlin (GER) after the exploit in Brussels within #SportInfoDay. Aps Asd Margherita Sport e Vita

#SportInfoday 2024 : The day!

A huge event, 10 years as exciting as today. Once again, I return to Italy involved in 41 projects, meeting amazing and peoples with great

A 2024 full of Erasmus Projects!

We are ready for this amazing 2024! We are involved in a lot of new projects in according to European Values and guidelines and some

Erasmus Sport: HERSPORT

We’re proud to announce a major milestone for the HER SPORT project! The HER SPORT Training and Development Package for Physical Education Teachers and School