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The project idea is to increase the level of physical activity of people 50+ and promote popularisation of grassroots sport and physical activity of all citizens offering them equal opportunities. In recent years has increased interest of older people for fitness and aerobics or other group exercises. Most group exercises are designed primarily for young people. Therefore, older participants feel uncomfortable and unable to carry out them. We will develop and pilot test a special group of exercises WO&MEN FIT! for persons 50+, who have limitations according to age and physical ability (illness, health problems, disability etc.). Training programme of group exercises will be client-oriented respecting their individual needs and abilities. We will promote a healthy lifestyle at the same time. They will be designed for indoor and outdoor execution, two difficulty levels, without any sport accessories.  The final users of project results will be the 50+ users of the training WO&MEN FIT! and trainers, coaches, advisers and mentors in sport organizations/associations/fitness clubs/aerobics clubs which will complete their programs with exercises program WO&MEN FIT! get new skills and competences on this topic. Instructions for exercises will be available on the project web site – Guideline (written and on-line application) with pictures and video, and possibility to upload application on Mobile phone. For outdoor execution, we would use already existing learning pathways or exercise trails in our environment in parks, forest, fields etc. and mark them with additional informative boards describing exercises for seniors. Our goal is to foster synergy between local, regional, national and international policies and sport organizations/associations, sport related organizations to promote sport and physical activity for all EU citizens and to address sport-related challenges. Sport and healthy lifestyle mean to improve well-being and stay healthy. This is the best recipe for life.


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I risultati del progetto sono:

  • Relazione on-line tra 50+ persone, entrambi i sessi, in tutti i paesi partner del progetto per individuare le loro aspettative, problemi e idee in base alle attività fisiche sportive e agli esercizi di gruppo.
  • Buone prassi e concetti sul campo degli esercizi di gruppo di allenamento per persone 50+, individuare le soluzioni già esistenti per utilizzare le strutture esistenti nei nostri ambienti locali per esercizi di gruppo e selezionare i modelli di best practice.
  • Esercizi di gruppo WO & MEN FIT! per ogni over 50 attraverso l’implementazione interna ed esterna.
  • Le istruzioni per gli esercizi saranno disponibili sul sito web del progetto GET FIT! con possibilità di scaricare un’applicazione sul proprio cellulare

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