Game Activities for Sport Promotion (GASP) – Traditional games played by parents and children

Parents and children could play together thanks to GASP European project.

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MSV, in quality of the Italian full partner of the Erasmus+ Sport Project GASP, held the training activities focused on the Sicilian traditional games.

Kids and parents of the sports facility PalaCarrassi (Bari, Italy) joined the event and played together. Our specialized trainers, Felice Carano and Umberto Gramazio, guided the participants across all the indoor and outdoor activities.

Parents and children played at: “strummula”, “ammucciaredda” (hide and seek), “acchiana u patri cu tutti i so figghi”, “rubabandiera” (capture the flag), “campana” (hopscotch), “tiro alla fune” (tug of war), “boccia sulla strada” (road bowl).

The collaboration between MSV and PalaCarrassi sports facility shows the community an European environment through which sport is lived as a mean of inclusion, healthy lifestyle, gender equality, and respect.

This Project is co-founded by the European Commission within the Action Small Collaborative Project.