Erasmus Sport: HERSPORT

It’s out our new Newsletter made HER SPORT – Early Life Sklls & Gender Equality Through Football. This output will be necessary for connect with

Erasmus+ KA2 : HER Sport

Completed our new task within @HER SPORT , we have the pleasure for share our Press release with all the new results reached in that

#Erasmus+ Sport 2023 results!

MSV all so enthusiastic and exciting to announce our “new 10 sports projects” co-funded by the European Union

Erasmus+ Sport project: 3rd TPM in Umea (Sweden)

Il progetto BLA combina gli obiettivi di tracciare un profilo socio-psicologico degli studenti atleti coinvolti in programmi di doppia carriera e di contribuire allo sviluppo positivo dei giovani.